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WWE 13 Review

Gameplay 82%
Sound 72%
Graphics 80%
Characters 80%
Final Thoughts

Fans of WWE should check out this title. If your not a fan then steer clear because I don't see the appeal if that's the case.

Overall Score 78% Good!
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WWE 13 – The FXBL Review

WWE 13 Review (Xbox 360)

I once was a huge wrestling fan but I still look forward every year to the yearly WWE release. If I am honest I think that the series had gotten a little stale with Smackdown vs RAW 2011 and WWE 12. WWE 13 on the other hand was going to try and tap into wrestling fans nostalgic memory to win them over and you know what? It actually worked.

WWE 13 is basing its single player campaign around the Attitude Era. The Attitude Era is one of the most popular eras in wrestling history. Wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker are all included. As well as WWE 13 having the classic Attitude Era wrestlers it also has the classic arenas.

The idea behind Attitude Era mode is that you will relive events from the past and you will need to complete certain objectives in the matches in order to progress. These objectives range from things like hitting a few finishing moves to slamming someone through a table. It is a really fun mode that has some cool video packages thrown in to give a bit of back story to some of the matches. It is not all Attitude Era wrestlers in the game. There are more than enough current WWE wrestlers for you to play as in exhibition and WWE Universe mode.

There are some very fun create modes like the classic create a wrestler that is better than ever and the create an arena mode. What is really cool about these modes is the way that you can share your creations with other people online.

Here’s a little side note to this title and the situation that THQ is in. Recent reports state that THQ owes WWE $45 million. Sources claim that Vince McMahon is “furious”. I lol a little bit at the fact that THQ could never take the WWE franchise and make a highly successful video. The market is there but the could never seem to capitalize. Let’s not cry over spilt milk as someone else is bound to pick the license up in the future.

In all WWE 13 for me is the best WWE video game in years. I think a huge part of this is down to the inclusion of all the WWE Attitude Era content. I’ll leave it up to you to decide on whether or not a play through is worth your energy.