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Free 1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Trial

2018 Working Method: 1 Month Free Xbox LIVE

This is the promotion that all the free Xbox live fanatics have been searching for! If you stumbled upon this page then look no further. GamePhD is glad to bring to you a working free Xbox LIVE gold link directly from Microsoft.

This promotion is run by Microsoft through their official website. You will need a working Hotmail or live.com account in order to access the promotion. That email account needs to be tied to your gamertag in order to extend the free trial to you. Once set up with that, just click on the sign-up button below to start the process to receive your free Xbox live trial!

You’ll see the option for the 1 Month Gold Membership on the middle of the page. Just click that link to begin the signup process from the official Microsoft link!

Please note that if you try to apply this to an existing gamertag with Xbox live gold already active, you will be denied. Make sure your account is currently a Silver member. Alternatively, you can create and utilize a new gamertag to get your free month.

It’s also best to be aware that this is where Microsoft tries to lure you in for good. You will be required to have billing information on record before you can accept the free trial. A way to get around this limitation and to make the trial actually free is supplied below:

The gig for Microsoft is to just get your information and your foot in the door. From that point onward they hope that you will not remember to cancel auto renewal. Another thing to know is that a $1 temporary charge may appear on your card but should disappear within 72 hours.

Just head on over to the following link and set auto-renewal to OFF. Cancel Auto Renewal Xbox LIVE (Support Link) You’ll be saved from renewal at $10 for the following month. Now it’s as free as it can get.

This promotion applies to EVERYONE so get in on this while it’s still active. Microsoft in the past has disabled the link but only recently have they put it back up again. So signup quickly while the offer is still valid. If this sounds like too much of a burden or if you simply cannot get the free trial method to work, then please continue reading below.

Free Xbox LIVE Codes Giveaway (Silver & Gold Members)

If you’d like to bypass all this extra stuff then we would like to suggest our free Xbox LIVE codes giveaway. The link right above will take you straight to the giveaway page here on GamePhD.

This giveaway is available to anyone regardless of Gold or Silver Xbox LIVE status. For some, this just may be a more efficient way of getting a hold of an Xbox LIVE gold code without having to jump through any extra hoops. Check it out while there is a fresh supply of codes being dished out on a day to day basis!

Happy Gaming and spread the word to everyone!