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Razer Manticor Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat

Final Thoughts

With optical and laser mice being the standard these days, it's not always necessary to purchase a mouse mat. At least not compared to when it was absolutely necessary to utilize a mouse pad. That was back when the industry-standard was the trackball mouse. Yet, for gamers every little competitive advantage adds up. So having an optimal surface for your mouse to glide across is crucial. The Razor Manticore aluminum gaming mouse mat is a fantastic option for consumers and gamers alike who're shopping for a high-quality mouse pad.

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Razer Manticor Aluminum Mouse Mat Review

Razer Manticor Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Manticor Aluminum Mouse Mat Overview:

Razer Manticor Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat has been developed by the company to specifically cater to gamers and their specific needs. It measures 255 milliliters (10.04 inches) in width, 355 milliliters (13.98 inches) in length, and 2.2 millimeters (0.09 inches) in height. Moreover, it weights only 373 grams (0.82 pounds), making it easily placed and transported anywhere easily. In this article you shall discover a few other things you should know about this Mouse Mat.

Key Features of The Manticor Aluminum Mouse Mat:

Razer Manticor Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat’s entire surface has been developed by scientists to obtain a microscopic texture that allows obtaining accurate sensor readings at all times. This results in no in-game jitters or tracking problems with your mouse when using the mat, which lets you enjoy your gaming experience without having to worry about technical issues. Its base is made out of rubber, so that the Mat doesn’t slip on any surface while you use it.

The Razer Manticor is made from a single sheet of high quality aluminum, that has been stamped to become smooth and flat, so as to deliver the best glide for your mouse. Also, the molecular rebonding that results from creating this pad creates a strong rigid structure that makes this Mouse Mat reliable and durable. The last part of the process is a sand blast, that gives the Mouse Mat the right texture for further aiding tracking precision for your mouse, all while providing a great feel when you swipe it. You will get the best possible response from your mouse by using this Mouse Mat, so all you will have to worry about is enjoying your gaming experience.

The Razer Manticor has been cut thinner for a slimmer profile that almost melds to your desk. This ensures a continuous swiping experience even if your mouse were to travel off the generously expansive surface of your mouse mat. It is also ergonomically more comfortable, minimizing wrist strain so you can keep winning in games for longer.

What People are Saying:

Reviewers praise the tracking abilities of this Mouse Mat, saying that it improved the way they played and allowed them to slide the mouse along the track quickly and smoothly. They also praise the size of the mat and the fact that it feels cold to the touch, which helps when playing games for a long time. Some reviewers complain about the coating of the Mat fading too quickly with usage, this being the Mouse Mat’s biggest disadvantage in their opinion. However, most reviewers claim the mouse serves its purpose greatly and they would recommend the product to other users.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an high quality Mouse Mat to enhance your gaming experience, that allows you to concentrate only in the game instead of worrying about tracking issues or technical problems, then this might be the mat you were looking for. Find out more about Razer Manticor Aluminum Gaming Mouse Mat below.

  • Optimized tracking surface
  • Robust aluminum unibody
  • Thinner, wider profile
  • The Smoothest Glide Yet