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Polk RTI A9

Final Thoughts

Polk Audio has been known to design and create great audio equipment that is easy for consumers to enjoy. Similar to most of its designs, the Polk Audio RTI A9 has been designed for both the entry-level and the enthusiast-level buyers. Although its price does not seem to attract the novice instantly, learning about the model’s features and pros will surely help you decide that this is not only a good-priced speaker, but also a great value.

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Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker Review

Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio RTI A9 Overview:

The RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker by Polk Audio is the new RTI A series, featuring a lot of upgrades, including the incorporation of one-inch tweeters and the latest Dynamic Balance Cone drivers. These features have been packed into an elegant style and then combined with the cabinets, keeping the latest fashion in the audio world, while providing no less than high quality sound. This model is also equipped with the Power Port Plus feature that enhances the brand’s highly popular Power Port technology.

Key Features of The Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker:

  • Single real wood speaker with MDF construction
  • Features resonance-free enclosures
  • Equipped with 7-inch polymer composite subwoofers
  • Equipped with twin 5.25-inch cone drivers
  • Equipped with 1-inch dome tweeter
  • With neodymium magnet, plus a heat sink and a low viscosity ferro-fluid cooling system
  • Video-shielded and bass-reflex design
  • Offers up to 30-26,000 Hz (-3dB) frequency response
  • Can handle between 50 and 500 watts
  • With dual 5-way binding post terminals
  • Boasts real wood veneer finish
  • 5 inches in display depth, 48.5 inches in height, 9 inches in width

Pros of the RTI A9

  • Power Port Technology – This feature of the product is among its selling points, which results in the reduction of port noise, also known as the ‘chuffing’ sound.
  • Top Notch Quality – Users are assured that this speaker is built to last, despite the heavy use. This 75-pound speaker also offers optimum confidence that it will not topple over, unlike lightweight speakers. Its sturdiness is likewise attributed to its 5-wall MDF construction that allows every layer to bind, while creating the curvature of its body; thus, resulting in a great appearance, structure, and sound cabinet.
  • RTI Lineup – While this model is the latest RTI A series, its 3 7-inch woofers all incased in the bottom of the tower within a ported build. The top 3 speakers, on the other hand, including the 2 5.25-inch midrange drivers and the 1 1-inch Silk Dome tweeter are incased in a sealed set up, allowing gripping and snappy mids and highs. The separate housings of the varieties of speakers in one bodywork are never seen in the average speakers.
  • Great Sound – This model requires between 50watts and 500watts to sound great, producing robust and smooth sound without getting harsh or bright. It can also deliver slight changes and sudden bangs, but are all phenomenal, depending on the style of the listener.
  • Stylish Design – The overall design of the speaker is sleek, coming in black or cherry, either way, it looks fantastic. While it does not leave a small footprint due to its 21.5-inch depth and 48.5-inch height, this speaker has amazing presence, considering its veneer and refined coating to the cabinets that feels so complete.

Cons of the RTI A9

There are also a few fallbacks talking about the Polk Audio RTI A9. The following are the major complaints coming from existing owners too.

  • Size – The size of the speaker has been an issue with some owners of the speaker, especially going through a high traffic area of its location. A screen accompaniment of this model might also look small, because of its apparently massive footprint.
  • Requires a Lot of Power – As already mentioned previously, this model requires between 50watts and 500watts to maximize its potential. After all, its price tag would not require a low power supply to run it all the time.

What People are Saying:

Many owners of the Polk Audio RTI A9 have been prompted by a lot of extremely positive reviews about the product. After learning about several online reviews, they based their decisions on getting this model over other brands, which resulted in happy and satisfied customers.

Their testimonies indicate that the item is equivalent to a wonderful sounding, on top of the world-class design. Hence, the entire style and quality are never disappointing. Feedback from owners also says that this model offers clear mids and highs as well as low frequency extension and sharp punchy bass. They’ve wanted all these features from a single floor-standing speaker.

A particular owner says that this speaker has the ability to generate midrange sounds effortlessly, which is attributed to its driver configuration. While doing the job well, the speaker needs a decent amount of power to optimize its ability, according to the same owner. But, overall, the Polk Audio RTI A9 sounds great.

Most owners of the Polk Audio RTI A9 also testify that this model is easier to drive than others, while it has more pronounced bass, plus better definition. All in all, existing owners of this speaker are amazed with its sound quality, resulting in a powerful and sharp punch of the drum, including a soothing midrange percussion that are reproduced effortlessly with clarity and good authority.

The Verdict

Certainly, there are many and unlimited options when it comes to speakers and sound systems on the market, considering the brands, features, and price tags. However, getting a speaker worth the money should be the utmost priority, while shopping for this equipment.

With that said, the Polk Audio RTI A9 is the best known speaker for the midrange and strong tight lows that match the tweeter perfectly. It is the best improvement ever made by Polk Audio with the redesigned speaker cabinets that have surely improved the sound in the mids and lows as well. The Polk Audio RTI A9 is easier to drive than others, and offers fantastic sound for everyone to enjoy!