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Klipsch R-28F

Final Thoughts

Yet again we find Klipsch knocking it out of the ballpark with an excellent floorstanding speaker option in their reference line. The R-28F is an outstanding product that is geared towards a more high-end clientele that are searching for a powerful tower speaker that also does not sacrifice in the audio department. You'd be hard-pressed to find a higher-quality speaker from any other manufacturer at this price point. In our opinion you cannot go wrong with a pair of these Klipsch R-28F speakers!

Overall Score 4.8 Excellent!

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Klipsch R-28F Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker Review

Klipsch R-28F Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch R-28F Overview:

The Klipsch R-28F Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker is a tower speaker that produces high quality sound that easily fills medium to large rooms. This floor standing speaker option was built with the size of a large living room in mind. It will also easily fill the garage, multiple rooms or even the whole house with a solid audio display. The equal blend of high to low frequencies and powerful clarity will make sure the whole house can hear it. Here’s everything you need to know about this excellent tower speaker from Klipsch.

Key Features of The Klipsch R-28F Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker:

The R-28F speaker is 42 inches high and 9.5 inches wide. It has a depth of 15.7 inches and a weight of 56.67 pounds. In terms of performance, the speaker produces loud and non fatiguing sound that can fill large rooms with little to no distortion.

As expected of the Klipsch Reference line, the speaker comes with a 1” aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated with a square Tractrix Horn. This unit comes with 8” IMG woofers for low frequency sound reproduction. The drives also pair with LTS tweeters which give Klipsch speakers that signature clarity of sound.

As for durability, the Klipsch R-28F is built with an MDF cabinet which is a bass-reflex enclosure type. It’s designed with an attractive brushed black polymer veneer. The simple and attractive design effortlessly blends with any room theme or décor. The speaker also comes with a flexible and refined grille that’s easily removable. The floorstanding speaker comes with dual 5-way binding posts and is built for bi-wiring and bi-amping.

What People are Saying:

Most of the reviewers are amazed by the speaker’s impressive sound quality, durability, hassle-free set up, low power consumption and the attractive design. A lot of people claim that there are no cons at all. Here are more details from reviews. One user said that the R-28F has the most amazing sound among all speakers in the price range. This has come to be expected from the Klipsch brand.

One reviewer who set up the speaker in a garage compliments its durability and the easy set up. A musician’s review claims that the speaker adds that extra oomph to an extraordinary action movie experience. The same consumer also boasts of its ability to produce an incredible balance of sound that’s fit for music listening. You don’t have to worry about distorted sound when you turn it up.

It’s mostly recommended for large rooms or even for the whole house and is perfect for entertainment use. Many reviewers set the speaker up for their home theater system and they were not disappointed. In addition to the high quality performance, the R-28F is also popular for its low power usage.

The Verdict

If you want to bring entertainment audio bliss into the house, whether in the form of music or home theater, you’ve found the right speaker. The Klipsch R-28F speaker is for music lovers who want to hear every beat in large rooms or throughout the entire house. It is also the best choice for those looking for a sound system companion for their home or basement theater. Find out how to get the Klipsch R-28F Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker here!

  • Fills medium to large rooms with powerful, lifelike performances and is equally impressive with music and movies
  • Accurate, non-fatiguing sound provides hours of listening pleasure while playing louder with less distortion than the competition
  • Dynamic 1″ aluminum Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter
  • Dual 8″ copper-spun high-output IMG woofers
  • Dimensions: 42″ H x 9.5″ W x 15.7″ D