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Blood Splatter Sharknado

Final Thoughts

This limited edition FunKo Pop! figure is one of the most epic collector items that FunKo has ever released! Limited to a run of 2500, this is a collector's item that can only go up in value! Buy one now before it's too late!

Overall Score 4.6 Excellent!

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Funko POP! Blood Splatter Sharknado Review

Funko POP! Movies-Sharknado: Blood Splatter Sharknado

Funko Blood Splatter Sharknado Overview:

Funko’s POP! Movies-Sharknado: Blood Splatter Sharknado is the company’s response to the massive following of 2013’s modern cult classic movie Sharknado, staring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and, of course, many CGI generated sharks. The figure reminisces on the film’s most remembered villains, the Shark Tornado and its vicious attack on the scared population of Los Angeles, eating many of its inhabitants on its path. Here’s a few things you should know about this figure.

Key Features of The Funko POP! Blood Splatter Sharknado:

Funko POP! Movies-Sharknado: Blood Splatter Sharknado figure measure has 3.8 inches height, 3.5 inches width and 3.5 inches depth, so you can place it anywhere you prefer easily, since it will take up little space. Also, since it only weights 5 ounces, it can be transported easily, you can put it inside a bag or backpack and you will not feel the difference.

Blood Splatter Sharknado is San Diego Comic Con convention’s 2014 version of this vinyl figure, which features the movie’s antihero, the great white Shark, with its mouth full of blood inside a tornado just like it appears in the film. It will be a great reminder of the films ludicrously iconic scenes; you will definitely share a laugh with people the minute they set eyes on it.

The figure is recommended for children between 8 years of age through 15 years, but its material and size makes it suitable for smaller children as well. Moreover, adult movie fans and Funko collectors alike will enjoy this product very much; its cute proportions, fun design and the details which have been included will be a pleasant surprise.

What People are Saying:

Reviewers are generally amazed by the figure’s details, saying the blood on the mouth is a special detail that gives the Shark a much cooler look than other Funko figures from this same film. Other reviews say they really appreciate the fact that Funko decided to make only 2500 of this figures, because it makes them feel special to be one of the lucky owners of this collector’s figure. They also state that there are no scratches in the figure, that the paint job is done very well since there are no smudges in the figure or other mistakes in the sculpt as a whole.

Some reviewers say that when they received the figure they were disappointed by the packaging, saying that the box was a little damaged and that the bubble wrap was not enough to protect the figure. Other users also claim that because of this, their figure arrived broken, with the fins snapped off. However, most other reviewers had no such problems, and recommend the figure to other buyers.

The Verdict

If you loved the movie Sharknado and cannot wait to have a cute angry shark to remind you of the film’s awesomeness, then you should definite check out this figure by Funko. Find out more about Funko POP! Movies-Sharknado: Blood Splatter Sharknado here.

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