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Castle Crashers Tier List: Best Characters

We reviewed Castle Crashers and gave it a great overall score of 85%. Definitely recommended. Now, we’ve decided to rank every playable character in the awesome game for you.

Castle crashers is a cool hack-and-slash action role-playing game indie game. It allows four players to collaborate on a campaign.

The setting is in a medieval world where players rescue princesses from a wizard. On the quest, they battle enemies like necromancers and alien invaders, among other cool hordes of fantasy creatures animated in a cool art style; kudos to the devs for creating the game’s art direction.

The Indie game has a long history. It was initially released in 2008 on Xbox and was acclaimed by critics and gamers alike. It has a unique gaming art style and epic gameplay that’s very fun. In 2010 it expanded to PlayStation and then PC in 2012.

To further the game’s progression, developers announced that it would be remastered for newer consoles, and it has now been playable on new generation consoles and Nintendo Switch since 2015.

That’s the history, lore and gameplay. Now let’s dive into the playable characters we think you should check out. Here’s our Offical Castle Crashers tier list. Here are the best hack-and-slashers in the game.

Castle Crashers Tier List

Castle Crashers has 31 unique playable characters.
Every unique Castle Crashers character has a starting weapon and a distinct skill set that you can use to defeat enemies.

We split the characters into 5 categories for this Tier List.

Tier 1

God Tier, These characters are good at all aspects of the game. From the campaign to the minigames.

  • Iceskimo
  • Industrialist
  • Blue Knight
  • Fencer
  • Bear
  • Brute
  • Red Knight

Tier 2

Pretty good; you won’t regret using them.

  • Alien
  • Conehead
  • Cult Minion
  • Fire Demon
  • Orange Knight
  • Snakey

Tier 3

Decent, they might use a little upgrade, but they’ll suffice.

  • Pink Knight
  • Royal Guard
  • Gray Knight
  • Necromancer
  • Barbarian
  • Blacksmith
  • Ninja
  • Saracen
  • Skeleton

Tier 4

Rather not, But if you have to use them, okay.

  • Civilian
  • Green Knight
  • Killer Beekeeper
  • King
  • Open Faced Gray Knight
  • Peasant
  • Stove Face
  • Thief

Attributes of the Castle Crashers Tier List

Above are the best characters listed. Now here’s all you need to know about their attributes.

To improve their abilities, you can strengthen their attributes. Attributes are also known as your characters main statistics. Each attribute affects a different aspect of their ability in combat. So invest wisely and choose the right attributes to upgrade.

Allocate skill points to an attribute you must level up. Have a strategy in place when choosing what characters to invest in and with characteristics to strengthen.

Guide to Castle Crashers Attributes


Agility is linked to melee damage. Or bow damage. It’s also linked to fire rate and how fast your character moves. Invest in the skill as it will give you many advantages in-game. Along with the next skill, which is defence.


Defence is your resistance to all kinds of attacks in-game. It makes you resilient, and also note that upgrading costs the most skill points. Making it the most expensive to upgrade.


Determines the damage your character inflicts when attacking. Each hit gives a character experience, so don’t invest too much in this.


Think of this one like magic damage. If you buff up this attribute, you increase the damage your magic does. Best not to invest too much in this attribute.


There you have it, a guide to the Castle Crashers’ Attributes and a comprehensive Castle Crashers tier list.