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The Cave Review

Gameplay 83%
Sound 80%
Graphics 83%
Story 79%
Final Thoughts

The Cave is also available on PC, PS3 & Wii U. This is a great title to throw on and kick back on the couch to play.

Overall Score 81% Great!
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The Cave – The FXBL Review

The Cave Review (XBLA)

The Cave has had many people excited because of the pedigree of the staff behind it. Double Fine Studios are at the helm, but Sega are the publisher and Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion fame is also deeply involved. With that put into perspective, intrigue in The Cave has ran rampant since the title was announced.

You’ll find that The Cave is somewhat of a platform puzzle game. But just to call it that is a huge disservice to the game. You will need to play though the game multiple time sin order to really beat it and that is a great part of the games charm. The story and the writing here is absolutely first class and on each play through you will laugh your butt off.

You get to play as seven different and funny characters each who have there own story line that will see you searching this cave, and trying to solve its puzzles. The puzzles are never really that hard if I am honest, but this is not a bad thing as the game is just a pure joy to play. One thing that is interesting is that you cannot die in this game. It is pretty cool that if you fall in a pit you will simply evaporate and float to a safe place.

Playing this game is simply not enough you will need to hear what all the characters have to say and what brought them to the cave.  They also have there own special move as well which adds even more to there individuality. The great thing is no mater how many times you play through the game. Until you have heard the whole story the game never gets old.

The Cave is a game that is all about the storyline, but it is also a really fun game to play. Even though it is very early in the year. The Cave is bound to be up there for best Xbox Live games of 2013. If you like games that are not only fun to play, but also offer a great story with fun characters then this is the game for you.