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Rez HD Review

Gameplay 86%
Sound 100%
Graphics 92%
Story 85%
Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking to listen to some music and relax then this is a great title to do so. Check out Rez HD if you’ve got the time. It’s highly recommended.

Overall Score 90% Classic!
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Rez HD – The FXBL Review

Rez HD Review (XBLA)

This title takes me back to the good old days of the Dreamcast. I was really excited to hear that Rez was getting an HD remake for the Xbox live arcade. I remember reading about the game and reviews that were claiming it to be a really unique experience. It was also receiving great praise for its audio component that fuels the gameplay. I believe Rez is a solid arcade title if not among the best that Xbox live has to offer.

Rez can be classified as an on rails shooter with an easy gameplay mechanic to pick up. Apparently you are some hacker solving a computer virus alongside good beats. You press the a button to lock onto targets. You can lock on to up to eight targets, I believe and relase to unleash one solid attack that destroys on screen enemies. Stages have projectiles and various other crafts as enemies. They all come closing in on your avatar in the center & the goal is to lock on and destroy them before they destroy you. The controls are smooth and the gameplay flows real well in Rez. It has a digital feel but a somewhat organic gameplay flow.

Rez is also done right as far as HD remakes go. You can tell that we’re not dealing with an upscaled resolution here. Textures and all have gotten the HD touch up. The graphics are fantastic. It really makes me appreciate what the Dreamcast was capable of even back in 2000. Your also afforded the option to play in standard or HD. It’s a nice little touch that you don’t often see with remakes of HD classics. Sometimes they skimp and sometimes they go all the way in. Rez HD was done very well.

For me, the music in the game is the main feature. It’s what allows Rez to flow as it does. It has somewhat of an electronic, perhaps techno sound to it. Overall it really works to help convey a digital world to the player in a convincing fashion. Locking onto targets have their unique sounds. The player can also lock on to upgrades that change the sound and appearance of the character.

This one is a highly recommended title from me especially if you have a high definition set up to really appreciate the work that went into upgrading the title. It also has a unique feature with the secondary controllers that vibrate alongside to the music. An odd feature but it may be something worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing.