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Retro City Review

Gameplay 92%
Sound 81%
Graphics 82%
Story 79%
Final Thoughts

Retro city is a solid title that is recommended to play through. The title is also available for PSN and the PS Vita. It is worth noting that the Vita did receive a solid port of this title. So check it out if at all possible.

Overall Score 83% Great!
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Retro City Rampage – The FXBL Review

Retro City Rampage Review (XBLA)

As a gamer of the 80’s and 90’s I am a sucker for anything that is a throwback to that era of gaming. Well Retro City Rampage is certainly a game that is a throw back to that era. This is a game that was made by an incredibly small development team so you have to give credit for the wonderful job they did. I like the fact that a tight nit group stuck to there guns and churned out a solid title without greedy hands & external interests getting in the way. Well, that’s probably not entirely true but we can only dream at this point when it comes to the gaming industry.

Graphically if I knew nothing about this game and just so happened to glance at a screenshot. I would swear that I was looking at one of the old school Grand Theft Auto games. Because that is what this game is very much like in terms of its visuals. But it looks more like an 8-bit version of Grand Theft Auto. It kind of reminds my of Regular Show and the fictional video games like Strong Johns & Dig Champs that they play. It has that kind of nostalgic charm.

The game play will see you stealing cars, doing missions, working as a taxi driver. And for a moment you may think this is just a Grand Theft Auto rip off. But then you will do some other sections of the game that are clearly parodies of classic gaming moments. You will do a section that is very similar to the old Paperboy game. And the way that you can jump on peoples heads is very much a homage to Super Mario Bros.

Retro City Rampage is a very simple game to play and that is precisely the point this is a game that is great to sit back and turn your mind off, and just have some fun. This is a great throw back to a era that I and many other gamers miss. And a great job has been done here in bringing a little bit of that back.