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Resident Evil 6 Review

Gameplay 80%
Sound 78%
Graphics 82%
Story 81%
Final Thoughts

This one is probably best left for the diehard fans of the series. I do have to admit that it looks real nice in action but the gameplay of the past is long gone. Check out Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 today.

Overall Score 80% Good!
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Resident Evil 6 – The FXBL Review

Resident Evil 6 Review (Xbox 360)

Well I just gone done beating all the campaigns on Resident Evil 6 (yes I know that I am late to the party) And what I found with this game was that it was one of the oddest gaming experiences I have had in a very long time.

Now as much as people do not want to admit it the days of survival horror Resident Evil are long gone. It’s quite clear that Resident Evil has now become an action game. If you make peacce with that you will be much happier. Anyway, the game is split up into four interweaving campaigns that all make up a complete story.

This was a good idea and I liked some campaigns better than others. Many people seem to either love or hate this game. For me I think I am still unsure. There were many moments when I was playing the game in particular the Chris Redfield campaign that I just kept thinking to my self this is not much fun. Yet I kept on playing.

Resident Evil 6 for me has a great story with some amazing voice acting that actually made me want to beat all the chapters to get the complete experience. As well as this the game having an amazing look, there is stuff blowing up all over the place in certain levels. And just everything in general looks great.

The game play though is a real mixed bag. Love, hate, fun, boring are all words that I said about this game. It has many different parts and gaming sections, but for me it never does any one of them really well. It’s not quite up to par with Resident Evil 4 which is one of my favorite games of all time. I understood the series direction changed and that may be a direct result of the overall shift in the video game industry.

Resident Evil 6 though has like a million different ideas. Instead of just going for a couple of these and doing them really well, Capcom got a little to over ambitions and tried to throw as much in as possible. Although I do commend them for experimenting which is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Resident Evil 6 is not the terrible game that many people make it out to be, but at the same time it is not that great either. If you have ever played a Resident Evil game then this one would still be recommended for a play through.