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Real Time Stats of Internet Companies

As one of the most important and prominent technological advancements of modern times, the internet has changed so much of the modern world. Indeed, it’s thanks to the growth of the internet that we can see so much progression as a species. In a short space of time, a few small decades, we’ve gone from being increasingly insular to an open world where we can all communicate as one.

Indeed, when you see that a company the size of Facebook brings in over 55m active users in a single day, it’s easy to see why they have such a huge hold on the world. Few companies can produce such a large set of users on a daily basis, and this allows them to maintain their market hold as the biggest name in the social media industry.

It’s not just Facebook, though, it’s a part of the industry as a whole. The internet has changed everything, with the desire to look at media and pick things up through imagery becoming more popular than ever. For example, did you know that Instagram sees a whopping 4 billion likes every single day?

That’s the scale of the size of their audience: a whopping 10m active users per day. This shows you how quickly people have taken to the online world and its ability to make it much easier for us to have some fun and to really capture the imagery that we had wanted in the first place. It’s also an easy way to show us just how many people are online and using the internet.

If you ever wonder why companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram appear to have almost limitless influence, take a look at how many people use their service: that’s serious clout.

The power of media

Speaking of media, YouTube is probably the strongest media platform in the world. At the moment, over 11 billion views of YouTube videos take place per day. This is carried out by over 1.6bn unique visitors, immediately showing you why the media power that YouTube has is such an impossible thing to escape.

These stats show you just how much influence they hold. Few companies can compete with that kind of market dominance, meaning that it is pretty easy for companies to let YouTube make the big calls: who are we to disagree with 1.6bn users?

The World Needs Data

Part of what makes the biggest internet companies so insanely powerful is their ability to offer us information that we cannot get elsewhere. For example, is a hugely popular online site, and brings in over 1m unique visitors every day. Why? Because people love to get better value when they travel. With, you save yourself a lot of hassle and effort when it comes to getting the data that you need.

You also get to enjoy learning about these sites through the likes of TripAdvisor, who brings in a whopping 5.7m plus reviews on a daily basis. If you want to find out if that tourist trap you are so interested in is really worth your time, then this helps you to find out that information without having to go and find out for yourself.

It’s this kind of scale and growth that makes sure that the internet companies of such scale continue to grow. For example, AirBNB will see over 1m bookings in a single day: this shows you just how many people are turning away from normal bookings. Indeed, their booking per day are almost as large as the unique visitors count!

This should help you to see why so many people like to use these internet companies: they provide them with convenience and information. In the past, if you couldn’t find a word of mouth recommendation you simply had to go along and see what all the fuss was about.

With the powerful internet companies today, we can quickly come to know just about everything about the location of our choice. This allows us to turn up, have some fun and just enjoy a more stress-free experience simply because we can find out live-time data from websites which make our evaluations much easier.

Information is Value

Part of the internet’ charm is the ability to help us make sure we can find out the right answers to life’s questions. With over 4bn searches in a single day, Google is the true market leader when it comes to search engines. Indeed, other search engines like Yahoo pull in over 500m searches in the same time, whilst Bing – probably the second largest search engine – will see around 873m.

These numbers are very impressive, and show us how many people turn to the biggest internet companies when they need information, advice or some factual details.

Information is one of our most valued items, and this is why so many people turn to tools like WhatsApp: a whopping 30bn messages are sent on its platform every single day. This allows us to communicate with friends, talk with workmates and enjoy a more comfortable discussion on the go with friends, family and loved ones.

Indeed, information on who we can love is just as important to some. This is why Tinder, probably the largest online dating app, brings in over 25m matches in a single day. By giving people information on who might just be their soulmate, people can find it much easier to find that special someone.

So, the biggest internet companies are leveraging millions of pieces of data and the will of hundreds of thousands to make their service as applicable as is possible. This is why knowing the real-time stats of a company is so important: if so many people are using it, you can most likely trust that the service will live up to expectation.

If you ever think that the internet is merely a tool, though, think again. It’s easily among our most prized and powerful tools for marketing, information gathering – even finding love is possible. This is why some of the companies listed above are the pinnacle of their industry.

Best Veneers have created the below infographic “internet in real time” which shows just how big some of these internet companies are, below are figures after one hour:

The Internet In Real Time Infographic