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This is a mini basketball hoop that is truly built for kids (as well as kids at heart!) of all ages. The RAMgoal Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop is a great product that is built like a rock. Any aspiring basketball fanatic will be pleased to play on this awesome mini goal! A sturdy mini goal at a great price which can keep the kids entertained for hours! This is the one mini goal to buy!

Overall Score 5 Excellent!

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RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Review

RAMgoal Durable Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Overview:

Basketball is quite a challenging yet rewarding game. Every shot is a thrilling experience that can be quite addictive, especially when one is really good at it. Even kids get excited at the sight of a basketball and hoop. The RAMgoal Durable Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball is a great excuse for kids to play basketball, even indoors!

It can be easily installed to any sturdy surface, and is guaranteed to withstand constant heavy use. This indoor mini basketball goal is perfect for kids who really enjoy playing. It can also be a great way to teach them the basics of the sport. Constant practice using the RAMgoal Basketball Mini Basketball Hoop will improve their skills and give them regular opportunity to exercise and stay active even on rainy days.

With its adjustable height, it can be used by children off all heights and sizes, and is something that they can still use as they grow older. This is one toy with a strong appeal for people of all ages!

Key Features of The RAMgoal Durable Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop:

The RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop can be mounted on a wall and can be adjusted depending on the kid’s height. It has a total height of 13 inches, and comes with an official RAMgoal basketball. It also features a professional breakaway rim that allows kids to do dunks on the hoop.

It calls for exciting gameplay, and looks quite professional. Kids will love the idea that they can get to play like the pros anytime they please!

Another important feature included with the hoop is a sturdy backboard that can take a beating caused by continuous shooting. It also comes with two studs that are used for wall mounting. Once installed on the wall, kids are in for a treat while parents stay undisturbed. The durable wall mounting makes no sound and doesn’t wobble when subjected to force or pressure, so there’s little risk of the whole thing becoming detached from the wall.

What People are Saying:

Both parents and kids love the RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Goal. It has simple yet straightforward features that truly serve the purpose of letting kids play without too much worries about the stability of the product. Many moms love it because it is an affordable way to teach kids the value of playing team sports, plus it can be a great opportunity for parents to bond with their kids using a creative and exciting product.

Many are raving about its sturdiness and how it holds up well despite rough play, especially since many unexpected things can happen when children play. So far, there are no complaints about the durability of the product. It is however not advised to hang on it to avoid accidents especially since a child’s safety is involved. Majority of the customers claim the RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball is the best choice when it comes to setting up an indoor mini basketball for your kids.

The Verdict

The people have spoken. Many people attest to the high quality of this product and there’s no harm in joining the bandwagon especially if it will improve your child’s physical & playing skills. It’s a simple product that guarantees long-lasting quality that your child can benefit from for a very long time.

  • Manufactured by Progressive Play Sports LLC Indiana USA
  • 24 x 16 inch backboard, 9 inch professional breakaway rim
  • Adjustable height up and down a total of 13 inches
  • Mounts to the wall into two studs 16 inches apart
  • Includes 5″ RAMgoal Synthetic Leather Mini Basketball