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Massive Blog Redesign [Status Update]

Moving Forward with The FXBL

So we’re sure that most returning visitors to The FXBL have noticed the plethora of features & site design changes that have been implemented this year. The site changes were implemented in order to bring a better overall experience to the visitors here on this website. With the changes, which will be listed below, it has also helped the staff over here at The FXBL.

This entire process has been a long time in the making. Glad the day is finally here and we feel it is time to give an update on the overall status of the blog. Without further ado, I present to you a before and after screenshot of the site’s transformation:

Before & After Site Redesign


Complete Site Migration from Blogger to WordPress & Domain Name Change

As you can see we have moved on from the 20 character domain name over to Not only was the old domain clunky and hard to remember it made URLs linking to this site extremely long. was born out of necessity as this site has grown over the past two years.

There were also various limitations to the blogger platform which are now no longer limiting this site. The move from Blogger to WordPress has allowed more freedom to tweak site design and implement features through various plug-ins that will help the site grow and provide the site users with what they want.

We’re glad to say that the migration went off without a hitch and it has been around two months since the migration was implemented. Another thing to note is that on this day we have also enabled CloudFlare for the website. This will enable quicker loading on most webpages that you will find here on our website.

Up Next: YouTube channel Overhaul

I suggest being on the lookout for more news relating to our YouTube channel. We have come up with a somewhat unique concept that will be implemented for it. I’m sure gamers everywhere can get something out of it & will be really excited to see the videos that will be produced through our YouTube channel.

And as a reward for the lone lucky visitors that have made it this far through the article, you should take a look at the featured image for the blog post that says update in the left hand corner. Type them codes onto Xbox Live & enjoy!


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  1. Kyle

    I would love to see more codes posted šŸ˜› I dont know where you guys get them but they have all been used and it would of been awesome if I could of gotten one. First come first serve though right šŸ™‚ Please post more šŸ˜€

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