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MartinLogan Motion LX16

Final Thoughts

MartinLogan speakers are considered to be one of the benchmark standards when it comes to audiophile home audio equipment. With their offering of the MartinLogan LX16 piano black Bookshelf Speaker, this statement becomes that much more clear to the audiophile crowd. The LX16 would be an exceptional addition to just about any home audio stereo set-up.

Overall Score 4.7 Excellent!

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MartinLogan Motion LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Review

MartinLogan LX16 Piano Black (Ea.) Bookshelf Speaker

MartinLogan Motion LX16 Overview:

The MartinLogan Motion LX16 Piano Black Bookshelf Speaker offers great sound paired with a sleek and modern look. These days, it’s important to find great quality speakers that can be easily matched with the modern interiors of a home or office setting. For many, the perfect balance between style and function is a crucial factor in choosing what to purchase. As you will discover in this review article below, the LX16 is a great choice for the consumer that has these issues in mind.

This MartinLogan Bookshelf Speaker is the perfect example of a unit that can easily blend in anywhere. Aside from the stellar sound experience, it also boasts an exceptional design that can make interior decorating easier. It is available in two finishes, the Piano Black and Black Cherrywood, both in high-gloss and are both equally luxurious to look at. It guarantees grandiose yet subtle elegance that is great for practically any type of setting.

Key Features of The MartinLogan Motion LX16 Piano Black Bookshelf Speaker:

In terms of design, the product features a uniquely designed steel grille similar to artistic perforations seemingly floating on the speaker’s façade. This design is exclusive and unique to most all of MartinLogan designs. The Motion LX16’s MDF cabinets are thick and built solidly giving it a sleek and sturdy appearance. Just beneath the grille are drivers firmly installed and held in place by a compact, black-anodized aluminum baffle plate which helps regulate the flow of sound in and out of the speaker.

Incorporated flawlessly within the speaker are folder motion woofers and tweeters, which have been installed using low-DF electrolytic capacitor and polypropylene. It also has custom-made inductors as well as a protective layering to shield against heat and electrical currents.

What People are Saying:

Most customers who have purchased the Motion LX16 have nothing but good things to say about this product. Whether it’s the clarity and accuracy of the sound or its luxurious and elegant design, this speaker is flexible enough to fit the varying tastes of the market. They say it makes listening to music a completely magical and new experience as it enhances every little aspect of sound. Many people prefer this speaker for listening to music as it has the right amount of bass. It does not produce overbearing sound, and works pretty good in a reasonably-sized area or room.

As it is on sale, many people have purchased this and are extremely happy with this amazing deal. For many, the Motion LX16 is an absolute steal, and is worth every penny especially with its excellent quality and performance. Nothing beats a sound system that wins the approval of everyone in overall aesthetics and stellar sound reproduction.

The Verdict

If you are a stylish and elegant individual looking for an excellent audio speaker that can match your luxurious and classy taste, the MartinLogan Motion LX16 Bookshelf speaker is a great choice for all your audio-listening needs. You don’t actually have to splurge to be able to buy a great quality speaker such as this one. And as with all MartinLogan speakers, you will be sure to get the ultimate quality with unmatched sound performance to boot. The MartinLogan Motion LX16 Speaker doesn’t just enhance your music. It also enhances the style and elegance of your surroundings.

  • For the Motion LX16, MartinLogan’s signature perforated steel grille appears to float in front of the solidly constructed 3/4-inch thick MDF cabinets. Hidden discretely underneath the grille, the drivers are held securely in place by a solid, black-anodized brushed aluminum baffle.
  • Folded Motion tweeters and woofers are seamlessly blended with an advanced topology crossover network featuring polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, custom wound inductors, and thermal and current protection.
  • The Motion LX Series also features recessed custom 5-way binding posts for connection versatility.
  • The Motion LX16 is available in two luxurious high-gloss finishes; Piano Black or Black Cherrywood.
  • Our new high-gloss black cherrywood finish has deep cherry undertones and appears almost black in low light, giving them a unique and understated elegance that blends into any environment. ***Single speaker – Priced and sold individually.***