Komal’s Passion Leather 18 Inch Retro Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Reviews

Komal’s Passion Leather 18″ Retro Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Product Overview

The best leather bag that you can have for yourself is one that offers many uses as well as true durability. The Komal’s Passion Retro Leather Laptop Messenger Bag is very suitable for anyone who carries his laptop and his files and documents with him all the time. The twin pocket of the Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag has the capacity to accommodate an iPad, a notebook, documents and your journal. The bag measures 16 by 12.05 inches and is therefore very easy to carry over your shoulder or with your hand.

Key Features of the Product

Messenger bags, or satchel briefcase bags, are actually naturally durable and mostly made from genuine vegetable tanned goat leather that is carefully processed to withstand any problem. The Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag features several inside and outside pockets that allow convenience and ease in use, and an adjustable shoulder strap that spells flexibility. The Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag also has a strong resistant Canvas as well as leather that is not processed using dyes or chemicals. This then makes the bag last longer than the others.

In addition to the twin picket of the bag and its major compartment, it also has two small as well as one big inner compartment for additional files. There are also two inner back zipper compartments for additional stuffs. Thus, the bag is able to carry a lot of things all at once.

What People Are Saying

So many customers – in fact 89% of them – who bought the Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag from Amazon.com rated it five stars out of five, thus making it obviously one of the best items on sale. Many of the customers praise the look and feel of the bag – that it appears not only sturdy and original but also elegant. It also does not have the foul smell that is typical of many imitation bags. Moreover, it has a double layered shoulder strap that is naturally strong and the pad on the strap is equipped with real padding. Other customers who rated the bag excellent notice that the bag is made with care as shown by the spectacular extreme attention to detail. Moreover, there is also a personalized note from the manufacturer that makes the purchase experience a very good and memorable one.

Nonetheless, some suggestions for the Komal’s Passion Messenger bag include having a monogram option, too low zipper, flimsy straps and a buckle that is positioned wrongly. However, these were only reported by two customers out of the so many who were generally satisfied with Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag.

The Verdict

With the so many advantages of Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag from the sturdiness of the overall structure, the care and attention of the manufacturer to detail, the flexibility offered by the straps, and the numerous useful compartments, the Komal’s Passion Messenger Bag is definitely a great thing to buy. Although it has some shortcomings when it comes to the zipper and the buckle, these can be forgiven. Besides, 89% of the customers rating it 5 out of 5 stars cannot be that wrong.