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Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker Review

Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker

Product Overview

The Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker is a single speaker designed with the Klipsch horn technology that enables it to produce a powerful sound that has that distinctive Klipsch sound that is familiar to many owners of Klipsch speakers around the world. This flat panel speaker may look just like a simple one but the quality of sound it produces is truly impressive and solid. Here are the key features of this item that you need to know about.

Key Features of Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker

The Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker is known for its non-fatiguing sound that is able to provide you with long hours of listening pleasure. With its left, right, center and surround speaker, you will be able to listen to the quality sound of your favorite soundtracks and movies. The G-28 has that unique and exclusive Tractrix Horn technology that delivers that distinct, solid and powerful sound that is exclusive the Klipsch brand of speakers.

The good thing about Klipsch speakers especially this one is that it comes in a very compact size but when it comes to the sound it is able to deliver, it does not reflect its small size and that’s how you know it’s from the Klipsch brand. The physical features of this specific speaker are very commendable because of how sleek the design is and it will definitely fit the aesthetic quality of your space if you want to make it look classy and clean.

What People Are Saying

This item has a 4.5 star out of 5 rating on amazon and it really proves that it’s a good buy through the user reviews of customers who have already purchased this item. People who already own this specific flat panel speaker agree on how the look on this speaker is very smooth and attractive and some users call it a real work of art. When choosing the right kind of speaker of your home, you should not only consider the quality of the sound that it gives of, you should also evaluate and assess the external looks of it, especially if it would be able to add an aesthetic value to your home space.

People who have purchased this item agree that the vocals are very crisp on this speaker and the bass is very firm and tight. Most people agree on the fact that the size on this speaker really does not represent the power of the sound it is able to give off.

The Verdict

Going straight to the point, this item is a really good buy if you want a flat panel speaker that you can purchase for your money’s worth that is guaranteed not to disappoint you. Based on what people have been saying about it, there’s no need to think twice in purchasing this one because it will really improve the audio outset of your home theater system. So there you have it, the Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker is a truly good choice.