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Gotta Go Fast

gotta go fast

With the recent explosion in the popularity of the Free Xbox Live Codes blog, codes are going fast. So fast indeed that you gotta be lightning quick to get one. So here on the blog we’re going to provide you with updated ways on how to obtain free Xbox live codes. Over the course of the week, we’re gonna comb the Internet looking for sources on legitimate ways to get them codes.

The first rule thumb is to never download generators. Not a single one will work or has ever worked. There are a myriad of ways to obtain free Xbox live codes. Some are legitimately free, such as code drops that can be found on forums, blogs, across various twitter accounts and official Xbox sponsored giveaways. Some methods take an investment of time and we can all safely agree that time isn’t free. So it’s all up to you on how you decide to obtain these codes. You can take your pick or try your luck.

Our goal here on the Free Xbox Live Codes blog is to be able to provide you with even more opportunities to nab those free Xbox live codes. Currently, the site does not make enough to just hand out free codes, but we can definitely post them for you. So you gotta go fast. Good luck peeps.

And for your continued patronage here is 5 free Xbox live codes plus 2 avatar T-shirts (one male one female):

5 Free XBL Codes

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