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Fez Review

Gameplay 94%
Sound 92%
Graphics 88%
Story 85%
Final Thoughts

You can find Fez on the Xbox 360 specifically the Xbox LIVE Arcade as well as for PC. Fez fans may be bummed to here the Phil Fish, creator of Fez, has cancelled development of Fez 2.

Overall Score 89% Great!
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Fez – The FXBL Review

Fez Review (XBLA)

Fez is a truly beautiful game that actually has a fascinating development story that was told in the movie Indie Game. That’s one movie I seriously recommend you check out. Anyway, Fez may be just an Xbox Live Arcade game, but for me it is one of the best exclusives on the Xbox 360 console in 2012.

Fez is all about a 2D character who realizes that he is in act in a 3D world. The game looks amazing and it takes you back to the days of the NES and the Super Nintendo. In a time when we have characters with amazing realistic facial animations. Its great to see a game with this kind of unique art style once in a while.

At first glance you may think that the game is a traditional 2D platform game with some adventure elements thrown in, but with the press of the button you can rotate the world. This element makes for some very fun and challenging platform sections and is also how you will need to solve many of the games puzzles that it throws at you.

You see the idea of Fez is that you need to find 32 pieces of a cube that was destroyed. You will need to use platforming and puzzle solving skills all the while mastering the games 2D to 3D mechanic. Once you get these you can then opt to get the Anti cubes. If you really want to put your brain to the test then getting these anti cubes will certainly do that. The thing that I loved about Fez was that it never felt unfair. Was it at times frustrating? A big yes on that one, but at the same time most of the time you fail it is as a result of something that you have done.

In all this is a fantastic game and if you just want to play a game that is fun and a throw back to a simpler game then Fez is certainly worth a download.