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Beware of free Xbox Live code Scams!

Be careful when searching for free xbox live codes. Don’t fall victim to a scam!

Scams have always been prevalent online. Your best bet is to be mindful of what you are doing on the internet as to avoid falling victim to any sort of online scheme. We all want free xbox live, but it’s absolutely imperative to be very careful with the decisions you make online. These decisions could compromise your personal account information if done in haste.

I have seen too many scammers attempting to extort xbox live usernames and passwords out of people. These scammers can most definitely steal your Microsoft points and hijack your entire account. The whole method they use is referred to as XBL jacking. The next point is a no-brainer: What ever you do, do not give out your personal account information to anybody online

Whatever these people are claiming, do not e-mail anybody with your personal xbox live account details. Well you can, but be prepared for the worst. You’ll also see many people on youtube linking you to so called xbox live code generators. Just search youtube and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  They usually send you through fileice, cpa ad leads or some ad sponsored link. They’re only attempting to make money off of the links you click through. I’m sure it works for them as they wouldn’t continue doing it but it doesn’t get you closer to what your looking for. That always rustles my jimmies.

Finally, the most futile thing that can happen is that you finally find one of those free xbox live code generators. They’ll never work and will almost certainly put viruses, spyware, and adware onto your computer. All they need is a small window into your pc and that can open up the flood gate. That could lead to even more severe problems besides having your Xbox LIVE account hijacked. Never download any programs! Stay miles away from any type of Xbox Live Code generator because none of them will ever work. Stay safe peeps.