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Bauer Vapor X600

Final Thoughts

You'll be hard pressed to come across a better option if you're searching for a great hockey stick to add to your arsenal. The Vapor X600 is an excellent choice for the serious hockey player. Whether you may be looking to elevate your game with the proper equipment or if you are looking for a high quality stick that is reliable, you cannot go wrong with this hockey stick from Bauer.

Overall Score 4.9 Excellent!

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Bauer Vapor X600 Composite Hockey Stick Review

Bauer 87 RHTP88 Vapor X600 Composite Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X600 Hockey Stick Overview:

Once again, Bauer has proven its superiority when it comes to hockey sticks with the Vapor X600 Griptac (2015). It features a gradual and slight taper, known as the Low-Kick technology, providing players with amazing quick shot releases. The X600’s shaft is made from unidirectional fibers and boasts of a fused, proven and traditional construction. Its Micro Feel profile features double concave walls and rounded corners which provide the perfect fit, thereby resulting in superior control and easy puck handling. This newest top of the line model is available in a Griptac or matte finish.

Key Features of The Vapor X600 Senior Composite Hockey Stick:

It is a well known fact that great hockey players do not become great just through hard work and talent. This is where choosing the right equipment comes in. The Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick features the newest technologies that will help individuals develop their hockey game and take it to a whole new level. It is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.

The Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick uses a combined two-piece process for its construction – an exposed weaved carbon fiber blade and a one directional fiber shaft which brings about great kicks on shots, eliminating the risk of sacrificing the stick’s integrity. The new Micro Feel shaft profile has double concave walls which provide excellent control and a comfortable grip. Furthermore, the X600 boasts of the brand’s signature Griptac technology which increases stick control and enhances grip.

The X600’s Pure Shot blade component increases the point of connection between the stick’s transition and the blade. This, in turn, reduces the incidence of blade deflection. The Vapor X600 Hockey Stick (2015) is constructed from superior Low Kick technology and prides itself on the matte texture of its blade. With this newest kind of technology, the maximum amount of energy spent by the player is focused on the shaft’s lower section. This low kick is advantageous because it is better compared to upper or mid kick points. Elevate your game to greater heights with the Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick.

What People are Saying:

Many reviewers are over the moon with the newest Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick because of its carbon composite and fused two-piece construction. It has proven to be an excellent choice for beginner and experienced players. Its design has been especially constructed to provide for smooth and fast releases, perfect for shooting and puck handling.

Although it is perceived as pricey compared to other brands, you will be assured that you will be getting your money’s worth in the long run.

The Verdict

The Bauer Vapor X600 Griptac Senior Composite Hockey Stick is durable and especially designed to tailor every hockey player’s needs. If you are looking for a product that can provide you with quick releases and reliability, the Vapor X600 is undoubtedly on top of the list. To know more about the product, click here.

  • Quick Motion Shots: Low kick point + stiff blade work together to optimize quick release shots
  • Flex Profile: VAPOR Low-Kick flex profile. Shaft Construction/Technology: Carbon composite fused 2 piece construction with a Basket Weave carbon fiber construction PU blade core. Pure Shot blade profile
  • VAPOR Premium Dual Taper with Griptac finish