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Arachnid Cabinet Dart Game

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Darts are a fun game for people of any age! An arcade style dart game would spice up and add life to any game room, garage or den. Arachnid offers this feature rich dart game at an affordable price. If you're looking to learn more, read the full review that you will find below.

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Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart Game Review

Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart Game

Arachnid Cabinet Dart Game Overview:

When it comes to electronic darting innovation, Arachnid is a household name. It is one of the companies that continue to provide consumers with quality and value for their money, with their products that are built to impress and last. The company commits and delivers arcade-style darting machines and promotes soft-darts for avid fans and players. One of their top offerings is the Arachnid Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet. It is a classic and stylish e-dartboard that surpasses expectations with its intricate technology and space-saving design. Check out the following for more information about it.

Key Features of The Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart Game:

Play like a pro with it, as it lets you engage in your games, practice and master the art of darting. Its state-of-the-art design featuring bull shooter graphics, three shelves, black finish and ample storage space will make you feel like a real pro. This model can save a lot of room space in your game room. A bonus factor is its storage space, which allows you to store just about anything, including game books and accessories. Your game room will become envy in your neighborhood with this set.

Finding an all-in-one dartboard with cabinet is now made easy with this 7-foot creation from Arachnid. It can keep score for you and your friends and accommodate up to eight players spontaneously. Enjoy a weekend of darting, non-stop, with this product that lets you play in an arcade style environment. Its dartboard features 24 games, 8-player cricket and 132 options. It also comes with a led display that adds to the fun and makes you and your friends feel as if you’re in an arcade.

Other great features include its soft-tip darts, along with extra tips, mounting hardware, AC adapter and complete assembly manual of instructions.

With this electronic dartboard with cabinet, anyone can now improve their game room and feel like a pro when practicing and playing their games. For all their dart gears, they can count on the spacious storage cabinet this product comes with.

What People are Saying:

Many of them appreciate it with its pro style dartboard that keeps them engage in their games without hiccups.   Users also reveal that they love its storage space, which for them is an intelligent and space-saving feature, allowing them to store just about any of their accessories, reading materials and so many more. Some of them also love its wide range of gaming options, reset and sleep features.

For beginners, they reveal that it has helped them play as if they were in a tournament with the product’s easy-to-understand game instructions. Some of them also note that they love its one-year warranty, which gives them peace of mind, knowing that they could count on Arachnid for assistance, if they meet a problem with it.

Some users complained about its unstable and weak structure. However, these are isolated reports that do not represent the overall response on the product.

The Verdict

For its price, style, design and overall product presentation, it can be told that the Arachnid Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet is a decent buy and proves incomparable with other products in the category. Bonus part is that it’s from Arachnids, a world-renowned manufacturer of sporting goods and dartboards. Definitely, peace of mind is what any buyer would get with it. Buy it today!

  • Electronic dart game housed in arcade-style cabinet
  • 7-foot tall free standing cabinet in black with extra storage space
  • 24 games with 132 options and 5 Cricket games; up to 8 players
  • LED display of player scores; regulation 15.5-inch target area
  • Assembly is required