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Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack

Final Thoughts

The Ape Case Pro DSLR and video camera backpack, is a perfect fit for any consumer who is looking for a high-quality backpack which can fit up to two digital SLR cameras, extra lenses and even a 16 inch laptop. Built with enough space for two full-size tripod holders, this backpack also features great weather resistant qualities with covered zippers and a rain shield that can be tucked away when not in use. A high-quality product from the makers Ape Case.

Overall Score 4.7 Excellent!

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Ape Case Pro DSLR Backpack Review

Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack (ACPRO2000)

Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack Overview:

Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack is a professional backpack for photographers to carry their equipment easily. It is designed with multiple compartments, which can be rearranged to hold cameras, different lenses, battery packs, lens filters, battery packs and much more; you will have all you need as a photographer in the same backpack. Here’s a few other things you should know about this product.

Key Features of The Ape Case Pro DSLR Backpack:

The SRL and Video Camera Backpack is made out of Nylon, with a high visibility yellow interior, and measures 19.25 inches height, 15 inches width and 7.5 inches depth. Since it weights barely 8.6 pounds, you will be able to carry all you need without adding unnecessary weight to your equipment. Plus, it has a shoulder harness system that makes taking this backpack with you extra comfortable.

The backpack fits two digital SLR cameras and has additional space for 6 to 8 lenses, or any other accessories you may want to take with you, so you can bring all you need with you in your assignments. It also has a padded compartment that can hold a laptop computer of up to 17 inches size, where you can securely place it without worrying about bumps. Also, the backpack has 2 full size tripod holders

Since you will be carrying delicate electronic equipment, the backpack also comes with a rain shield that you can pull over he bag to protect it from getting wet in case of unexpected rain, and put it back in neatly when you are not using it. Also, zippers have been coated with water repellents so as to not keep humidity.

What People are Saying:

Reviewers are generally surprised with the high quality of the backpack and how much they are actually able to fit inside it. The also say that the backpack is very durable and that they were able to carry their equipment around with no issues, without having to worry about it suffering any damages. Also, several reviewers complement the backpacks yellow interior, saying that it makes it simple to spot equipment inside the bag, since the color contrast makes the lenses and cameras pop out.

Some reviewers complain about the size of the bag, saying that some times it can be an issue. Users say carrying it in planes can be problematic in some airlines, since they will make you check the backpack in because of how big it is. Also, reviewers say only professionals who wish to carry this much equipment around should buy this bag.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a backpack to carry your SRL or Video camera, that has enough space so you can carry several lenses and accessories without needing several bags, then this might be the backpack you were looking for. Find out more about Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack below.

  • Camera backpack fits two digital SLR cameras, extra lenses and 16-inch notebook
  • Two full-size tripod holders
  • Weather resistant with covered zippers and pull-over rain shield
  • Shoulder harness system for extra comfort
  • Includes rain shield that tucks neatly away while not in use