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AKG K318 Review

Final Thoughts

Once again, you cannot go wrong with AKG headphones when it comes to quality. This is a solid set of earbuds that is affordable to just about everybody. If you're still using those $20 throwaway headsets, then have a look at the AKG K318 and see if it suits you. You will not be upset if you settle for this headset as it is a quality piece of audio equipment. You definitely can't go wrong with these.

Overall Score 4.3 Great!

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AKG K318 In-Ear Buds Review

AKG K318 Overview:

The AKG K318 In-Earbud is a semi-open headset that features 15mm drivers that produce a rich and dynamic spectrum from a small portable headphone. These drivers enable the K318 to produce high output sound from virtually any portable device.

These earbuds reproduce sound very accurately and would challenge any other headphone at this price in the market. The headset isolates background noises and enables the user to utilize hands free conversation.

The headset includes an inbuilt volume controller, which can control volume using the wire of the earphone. The inner ear bud is a little larger than other earbuds and it might be something to take note of for those with small ear canals.

The AKG K318 is a recent addition to the market and it’s dedicated to portable devices with the 3.5mm hard gold-plated audio Jack. The design of this headphone is downright sleek and stunning. It comes off the factory floor with a really nice modern look. To top it off, the AKG brand logo is printed on the headphone which gives it that signature look.

Key Features of The AKG K318 Headphones:

The AKG K318 In-Ear Bud headset comes with 15mm (1/2″) drivers that are more than suitable for handling a range of music from jazz to heavy metal.  This headphone easily plugs into various portable devices such as CD/DVD players, receivers, PCs, laptops, musical systems, mobile phones and just about anything else.

With AKG K318, you can experience music with stunning sound & pinpoint accuracy. This headphone includes a soft black caring pouch that ideally suits travelers or anyone on the go.

Semi-Open Earbud Design

Features of the semi-open design are evident by the sound hole at the top of the headset. This type of design allows for higher-quality sound reproduction. With a semi-open design, the headset can produce a more spacious soundstage. The headset can easily be driven by smartphones, iPods and various other audio related devices.

The earbuds are currently available in black. They fit comfortably and snug within the ear and should not cause discomfort during prolonged use.

Hands-Free Calling Support

The AKG K318 is a call-by-wire headset, so it is natively compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. This is handled through the three button mic which also enables you to take calls seamlessly while listening and then hang up when you’re all done. This three button remote enables you to play pause and skip and is made from a 99.99% oxygen free cable.

Product Highlights:

  • Comes with travel size carry pouch
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Best for portable DVD, CD and MP3 players
  • iPhone compatible with cable remote
  • Control buttons are compatible with iPhone & Apple devices only
  • Half inch drivers that produce deep bass, accurate mids, and suitable highs for in-ear buds

Tech Specs:

  • Headphone Type: Dynamic
  • Design Type: Semi-open Headphones
  • Color Options: Black (currently only color available)
  • Frequency Range: 127dB SPL/V
  • Sensitivity: 127dB SPL/V
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Max Input Power: 15mW
  • Product Weight: (not including cable) 5g
  • Cable Specs: 99.99% oxygen-free cable, 1.2m
  • Main Connect: 3.5mm hard gold-plated Jack Plug

In the box:

  • 1 AKG K318 ear buds
  • 1 Black travel size carrying pouch

Additional features:

With the AKG K318 In-Earbud you’ll enjoy high definition sound and stunning sonic realism all thanks in part to the massive 15mm (1/2″) drivers. In comparison to other headphones that are below $100, the K318 can produce, rich, accurate and detailed sound that can handle frequencies from 15Hz to 21 kHz at up to 127dB (SPL/V).

This headphone is manufactured with oxygen-free copper to avoid distortion and enhance audio strength. It makes this product very durable and that is a must-have feature for earbuds which usually fall apart or are destroyed when on the go.

The AKG K318 is compatible with most of the latest Smartphones, including iPad, iPod and iPhone. You can make, receive calls, remote control and other stunning features using Apple devices. The remote controls in the cord unfortunately do not work for anything but Apple devices.

The Verdict

This headphone includes inbuilt volume control, an in-line microphone and is a steal at the MSRP price. With the AKG K318, you can easily make hands free calls from your iPhone or other Apple devices. This headphone supports remote audio control without disturbing the beats on your playlist. These headphones are very comfortable, lightweight and very easy to carry. The semi-open and dynamic design ensures highly detailed audio reproduction in a small package.

The in earbud design allows you to concentrate on your music when in public places and not on the noise in the streets. The headphones do not make you totally unaware of your surroundings, so they are considered safe for pedestrians and joggers. This is a great choice if you’re in the market for some earbuds.