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1,000,000 PageViews 10,000 Twitter Followers – A Special Thanks and Blog Update

As you can see the site has been receiving some major overhauls and changes in recent weeks. The relaunch of the blog has been a great success in its first year. We broke over 1 million page views about two months ago and have just today broke over 10,000 Twitter followers. It has been a great ride in the first eight months.

We will be rebranding the blog to The FXBL. We feel that we can encompass a much more broad range of giveaways, freebies and video game related articles & news by creating an Xbox live centric community that’s dedicated to finding freebies. We will no longer be pigeonholing ourselves to just Free Xbox live codes. We just ask for your patience as we go through the changes and attempt to clean up the site and put forth a better service here for our users.

We’ve got so much ideas flowing at the moment that we just ask of everyone to sit tight as we sort out all the nitty-gritty details and get through the growing pains of being a young site. One area to improve is the method we have come up with to hand out codes on the blog. It has been changed and there are plans to tweek it even more. Stay tuned for more changes there.

We want to be able to provide the users who want to earn a code with something before they leave the site. We’re brainstorming ideas on how to hold contests on Facebook apps or through the website. We’ll also be looking into contacting developers on how to code a system that hands out codes even more efficiently. We still have not implemented anything like this as you can see, the codes are first-come first-served.

We’re also excited about our Google plus page that just opened up a few days ago. It’s already going strong and has quite a few followers so be sure to check out all the social links in the right-hand side of the site. For now take care.
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